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the woman with big business dreams wanting to start and grow a flexible business online, so you can live freedom based life and make unlimited income without sacrificing your values.   


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I create simple tools that show you exactly how to start and grow your online freedom based business, so you’ll get more happy clients, make more money and have more quality time with your family – for less stress and zero overwhelm.

I am the founder of Financially Wise on Heels and the creator of the Visionary Entrepreneur Online Program. I’m here to help you make money and build your dreams, not someone else’s.


My mission is to inspire and show you EXACTLY how to create your very own thriving online business with multiple streams of income.


Being financially wise is all about creating the income on your own terms! After working in huge corporate firms, taking lots of classes, getting degrees, learning from many mentors, I’m committed to coach you how to create your income on your own terms while making a difference. 

No more spinning your wheels. No more struggling.


It’s time to use your gifts and talents and turn your business dream into purposeful and profitable reality.

If You have ever asked yourself any of the questions below, You are in the right place.

“How can I get started with an online coaching business?”

“How can I get more clients?”

“How can I find my profitable service-based business idea?”

“What services should I offer or what info products I should create?”

“How can I price my coaching packages and online programs profitably and still get people to buy from me?”



We are a lot alike, you and me. We are both trying to create a freedom based life and business out of what we do. I bet you know how overwhelming creating and growing an online business can be.

I have struggled. I have been there. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 25. I have lived from paycheck to paycheck. I have had zero income months in my business. I have been spinning my wheels and trying to figure everything out by myself. Once I became strategic and learned from my high-level mentor, everything changed and my business started thriving.

That’s what I want for You too! I want to give you the shortcut, so you can attract more ideal clients, make more money and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.  

And I believe…

  • in dreaming big.
  • in a family-centered lifestyle and making a difference in the world.
  • you have the dream and gift from God.
  • that if you take action every day, you’ll make an impact and and see big results later.
  • in doing business with people you want to vacation with.
  • all big changes in the world start with a vision.
  • your work is greatly needed in this world.
  • being a visionary entrepreneur is a lifestyle.
  • your dreams matter.

    It’s a Lifestyle to Be Running Your Own Online Business on your terms, when you want, from anywhere you want. 


finance blog

I was born in the Soviet Union, and raised in the Republic of Estonia, so I am Northern-European. I have lived, studied, volunteered and/or worked in Estonia, Finland, France, UK, US, and Mexico. My travels have taken me from Russia to Egypt, from Finland to Italy, from London to California, from Minnesota to Mexico.

The world is my office.

online business coaching


I climbed Mount Sinai Mountain at night to witness the sunrise at the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. I traveled to Mexico with other volunteers to build a house for a family of five.

online business coaching


I hold two bachelor’s degrees in totally different fields; however, both of them involved heavy math and statistics. I received the first one in Gene Technology, and the second one in Economics and Business Administration, Cum Laude. I have worked at international audit and finance firms, including for Fortune 100 company.


online business coaching


But most importantly, I am also Christian, philanthropist at heart, wife and a mommy to my toddler son, who changed the way I see the world.

If I can do this, You absolutely can do this too! I’ll show you how!


My mission is to inspire and show you EXACTLY how to create your very own thriving online business with multiple streams of income.


You have the dream, and gift from God; you have to take action to make an impact. The solution is always You.


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