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Create a Successful Blog with 3 Easy Steps

So let me guess.. You are on this page, because you have always wanted to start a blog.


You have the dream and passion.. but you have just been too busy.

Guess what?! NOW it is the perfect time to create a successful blog. 


Because statistics shows that around 40% of world population has an Internet connection already, and third billion people were reached in 2014. This is your chance to share your message with people all over the world. 

I launched Financially Wise on Heels in January 2015, and ever since it has grown to an amazing community! I have been blogging 10 months and I never imagined it would be such a blessing to my family. It generates very decent income already and connects me with other amazing people!

Would you like to create a successful blog too?

Let’s do it! I’ll show you how!

How to Create a Successful Blog in 3 Steps

3 Simple Steps to Start a Blog:

  • Step # 1 Start a Blog with Bluehost hosting 
  • Step # 2 Get Traffic with Viraltag
  • Step # 3 Start a Newsletter with Aweber

Step # 1 Start a Blog with Bluehost hosting

Decide Your Blog Name

It is very important you do some brainstorming first, and decide what to name your blog. You have to make sure the name is available for URL and don’t forget to check Facebook, Twitter, etc as well. You don’t want to have a URL name while someone else is using this name in Facebook for instance.

Purchase Hosting with Bluehost

I HIGHLY recommend Bluehost if you want to create a successful blog and start making money with blogging. 

This is what you need to do:

 # 1 –  Go to Bluehost and click “Get Started Now” button.

(Don’t worry if the picture looks little different, they are updating images all the time, but the process is still the same.)

start a successful blog

 # 2 – You will get the domain name for FREEEnter a domain name in the left box under “new domain”. Make sure “.com” is selected from the drop down menu beside it. Click the “Next” button.

start a blog

# 3 – Enter your account information. Make sure that you enter a valid email address, because this is where they will send your receipt and log in information.

how to start a blog

# 4 – Choose your “Account Plan” from the dropdown menu. I like to make sure that no other boxes are checked except the “Domain Whois Privacy” which I highly recommend, because it will keep your personal information private.

Please note: If you are registering a new domain this option is available, but if you already have an domain, it won’t show up.

how to start a blog

# 5 – Fill in your billing information and click “next”.

how to start a blog

You will be offered several upgrades, but you can skip those on the next page. Just continue to complete your purchase.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email that has your CPANEL log in information. You need this information to continue with # 6.

# 6 – Log into your Bluehost account.

Click “Control Panel Login” and enter your user id and password. Click the “Install WordPress” icon under “website builders”.

create a successful blog


 # 7 – You will see the following page. Click “Start.”

create a successful blog

# 8 – It will show your domain. Click the green “Check Domain” button.

how to start a wordpress blog

# 9 – Check the box in front of “Show advanced options”. Enter your “Site Name or Title,” choose an “Admin Username”, “Admin Password” and “Admin Email Address”. Check the box next to “I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2”. Click the green “Install Now” button.

how to start a wordpress blog


how to start a wordpress blog


Awesome, you now have a Blog! Now it is time to make it pretty with a nice ready-to-use design.

There are several free themes available, but this blog uses BluChic theme. I love it, because it already has fully responsive layout – it displays perfectly on desktop, mobile and tablet. It’s very important, because most of my readers use mobile device while they visit my blog. All BluChic themes are ready to use.



Step # 2 Get Traffic with Viraltag

In order to survive in blogging world, you need traffic. Majority of bloggers have pointed out that # 1 traffic source is Pinterest. Viraltag helps you to schedule pins ahead and therefore get massive traffic!

Sign up here and you will get $15 credit. Try their 14-day free trial and if you love it, you can get it for only $12 per month.

How to set up Viraltag to schedule pins:

# 1 – Go to Viraltag and click “Pricing.”

start a blog

# 2 – After clicking “Pricing,” scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Blogger Plan.”

make money blogging

# 3 – Start your 14-day FREE trial by clicking the button. Create an account and start pinning!

make money blogging

# 4 – Install Bookmarklet by dragging and dropping the button to your bookmark bar.

make money blogging

# 5 – Go to the page or Pinterest board where you want to pin and click bookmarklet button. Make a “tick” on the pic you want to pin and click “Next.”

how to schedule pins

# 6 – Select all the boards you want to pin your image, fill out description field (if it is not already) and set the date and time. If you picked several boards, you need to fill in how often you want this pin to be pinned to the next board (until it runs out of boards). I typically use 1500 minutes (1 day + 1 hour). On the photo below you only see 150 (instead of 1500), because the box is too small. However, for instance, if I set it for Monday at 9 am, then the next pins will be pinned on Tuesday at 10 am, Wednesday at 11 am, etc. I picked it, because I have readers in different time zones. Click “Schedule” and you are set!

how to start a blog

Now you can get massive traffic and create a successful blog!

Step # 3 Start an Email List with Aweber

If you want to create a successful blog and start making money blogging, you need AweberAweber helps you to build relationships with customers and bring them back to your site. They offer 30-day FREE trial! Here is what I love about Aweber the most:

  • Schedule follow-ups and newsletters
  • Beautiful mobile responsive email templates
  • You don’t have to be tech savvy to create a fabulous opt-in forms
  • They offer awesome customer service
  • Analytics!!! You can see exactly how many people opened your newsletter and which links they clicked.

It helps you to find out what your readers are really interested in so you can build your successful blog around that idea.

Use those free resources to rock your email marketing systems! Instant download:



That’s it, you now have your very own blog with traffic and newsletter!

Don’t forget to check out other great blogging resources that I recommend!

To your blogging success!

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